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Conservation Ontario is the network of 36 Conservation Authorities, local watershed management agencies that deliver services and programs that protect and manage water and other natural resources in partnership with government, landowners and other organizations. Conservation Authorities promote an integrated watershed approach balancing human, environmental and economic needs. Conservation Authorities are organized on a watershed basis.

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Conservation Authorities Act Under Discussion and Review
NEWMARKET (July 20, 2015) Conservation Authorities are pleased to participate in the discussion and review of the Conservation Authorities Act as announced by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry"The role of Conservation Authorities around Ontario's natural resources has changed significantly over the years in response to increasing challenges to our water and land resources," said Kim Gavine, General Manager of Conservation Ontario. Read the full press release

Campaign in a Box toolkit now available on Conservation Ontario’s website
Use the new “Campaign in a Box” toolkit to educate your community about source water protection. Plan a campaign using the template and ideas provided. Post the included infographics and articles to spread the word about protecting drinking water sources. Or develop new materials using content available in the Source Protection Education and Outreach Resource Catalogue. #SourceWaterON

Heating and Liquid Fuels pages added to Source Protection Education and Outreach Catalogue
Do you use heating oil or store fuel on your property? Then you have legal responsibilities to make sure it does not leak into water sources. Use the new heating and liquid fuels catalogue pages to find out how to protect your drinking water from fuel. How do you protect your drinking water sources? Let us know at #SourceWaterON

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